The Daily Post Photography Challenge: Sweet Treats

This week’s prompt was sweet.  At first, I had no idea what to post.  When I asked my lovely animal friends what they thought, they asked me to make this post on their behalf.  They all shared with me what they considered sweet.  There’s nothing sweeter than seeing gentle animals enjoy their own treats!


This bee told me that there is nothing more sweet than honey on a cool winter’s day.Bee w Honey


Another bee once told me that he loved to drink nectar on a beautiful spring day.Bee w Necter


This sweet bunny told me that there is nothing nicer than eating leaves and grass.Bunny


Martin told me that he loved juicy grapes, especially on a hot summer day.Martin w Grapes


Martin also told me what his favorite nut was – an almond!  He said that he doesn’t mind the other nuts that I give him, like peanuts, walnuts, and pistachios, but almonds are his go to treat. Martin w Peanut


The Daily Post Photography Prompt:  Sweet


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  1. d i l i p says:

    These are beautiful photographs! 🙂

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